1. Events

The Evolution Super Shootouts are conducted under the SCCA National Solo Rules in their entirety, except as amended by these Evolution Super Shootout rules, and any supplementary rules posted at each event. Evolution Super Shootouts will feature standard SCCA National Tour type courses.

2. Format Overview

Evolution Super Shootouts have three features:
  1. Four Run Event to determine class winners, and top 32 Qualifiers
  2. Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for all other than top 32 Qualifiers
  3. 64 Car Super Shootout

3. Program Goals and Objectives

4. Operational Authority, Program Officials and, Rule Interpretation

Final overall authority for the Evolution Super Shootout program shall reside with the Event Board. The Event Board will be posted on each event supplemental rules, and is made up of a minimum of 5 members. These members will consist of: In the event of doubt or ambiguity as to the wording and/or intent of operating rules for the Evolution Super Shootout, the decisions of the Event Board shall prevail and be binding. The Event Board reserves the right to revise these rules, to issue supplements to them at any time, and to promulgate special rules in an emergency.

5. Driver Eligibility

Entry into the Evolution Super Shootout event is limited to SCCA members meeting the requirements of Section 4 Drivers and Appendix H Junior Driver Program of the SCCA National Solo Rules. A “Weekend Membership” is allowed at all Evolution Super Shootout events.

6. Drivers Conduct

Drivers must present and conduct themselves in a professional manner. All competitors and event officials must be fully clothed. Drivers judged not professional in conduct and appearance may not be allowed to compete. Any entrant who drives in an unsafe manner at or near the event location or displays unsportsmanlike conduct is also subject to exclusion from the event..

7. Vehicle Classes and PAX Index

The Evolution Super Shootout uses all SCCA National and Supplemental Classes as listed in the SCCA National Solo Rules, and may add additional supplemental classes to events. In the event a supplemental class is added, the Event Board will do it’s best to provide an appropriate PAX/RTP index to allow the class to be competitive. The Event Board has the right to adjust any PAX/RTP index for these events.

Evolution Super Shootout PAX/RTP Index is as follows:

SS0.858SSP0.865XP 0.898AM 1.000
AS0.844ASP0.863BP 0.873BM 0.960
BS0.843BSP0.859CP 0.860CM 0.906
CS0.833CSP0.857DP 0.868DM 0.915
DS0.821DSP0.851EP 0.870EM 0.928
ES0.828ESP0.848FP 0.875FM 0.913
FS0.825FSP0.838GP 0.850FSAE0.989
HS0.799STF0.794SM 0.866KM 0.952
STC0.820SMF0.852JA 0.876
STS0.827SSM0.879JB 0.834

Note: The Evolution Super Shootout will run a ladies class system that uses the PAX/RTP index to group Ladies Classes together, thus providing a larger class base. Classes will consist of: Note: The Evolution Super Shootout will also run three Stock Supplemental Road Tire Classes. These three Road Tire Classes will consist of: These classes will group all stock cars of their configuration together, and then use PAX/RTP along with a street tire multiplier of .975 to determine final placement in the overall PAX. These classes will run based on SCCA's National Road Tire rule set, which adheres to the current ST tire rules.

Note: The Evolution Shootout will run a Supplemental Class for all "Pro Touring" and "Good Guys" muscle cars. This class will run on their rule sets complete with their tire rules (200+ Tread Wear). The only change to their rule set will be a 3000lb. Minimum Weight. This class will run on a .820 PAX/RTP Index plus a street tire modifier of .975. Rules for these cars can be found here: American Street Car Series.

8. Vehicle Identification and Event Sponsors

Car numbers and class designation must meet Section 3.7 Vehicle Identification of the SCCA National Solo Rules. Car numbers and class designations must be neat and legible and be approved by the Evolution Super Shootout Tech/Impound Team. Incorrect and/or illegible car numbers or class designations, or more than one car number or class designation visible on the car at the line can result in a DNF for that run. Required Event Decals: Each competitor will be required to run:

9. Event Operations

a) Entry and Registration

b) Event Check-In

c) Tech

d) Saturday Event and Run Order

e) Work Order

f) Grid and Grid Positions

g) Two-Driver Cars

The following are rules for a two-driver team sharing the same car in the same class. Upon the completion of ALL first driver cars, half of all single driver cars will then run. Upon the completion of half of the single driver cars, the second drivers will then take to the course. Followed by the second half of the single drivers. This process will then repeat until the heat is complete.

h) Impound

  1. Cars will compete in the Shootout on the tires residing on the vehicle during its final class competition runs, regardless of driver unless the event is declared a "rain event" (this will be at the discretion of non-competing event organizers). Otherwise, tires may be rotated as to position.

i) Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

At the conclusion of the Standard Four Run Event, the top 32 Qualifiers for the Super Shootout will be named by using the Top 32 positions in the PAX/RTP Index. These 32 drivers will be locked into the Sunday Super Shootout, and all remaining competitors will be given an additional two (2) runs to try and lock themselves into the top 48 in the PAX/RTP Index.

j) Ladies Class Super Shootout Qualifiers.

k) Random Draw Super Shootout Qualifiers

l) Super Shootout

The Super Shootout is based on a two driver head to head one run PAX format. The Shootout uses a Four Bracket Tournament System with the Top 4 in PAX taking the number one seed in each bracket. The remaining drivers will fill the ladders in PAX order from the Four Run Event, as well as the LCQ across the brackets, with a total of 16 drivers per bracket. (Example: Bracket one will be filled with PAX positions 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc…)
  1. Note: During the first rounds of each bracket drivers will receive two runs, and will keep the quicker of the two.
  2. Note: All Shootout competitors are required to run on the same tires that were used to qualify for the Shootout, during the “cars” final run. There are to be no tire changes for any reason other than cording or damage beyond driver’s control. (Event Board will determine if tire change is approved in this case.)
  3. Note: Mechanicals during Super Shootout must be called before the completion of the prior pairings runs. (You can NOT wait until your pairing to call a mechanical.)
  4. Note: In the event of rain coming during the Shootout, the Event Board can determine a tire change is appropriate for all.
  5. Note: Communication with the driver during a Shootout round is prohibited.
  1. i. Tire pressures and suspension settings may be adjusted.

m) Rain Events

n) Protests

o) Appeals

10. Awards

a) Four Run Event Awards

b) Last Chance Qualifier

c) Super Shootout

11. Super Shootout Chart

Click on the following link to download the Excel document with the chart: Evolution Super Shootout Ladders (XLS Format)